WHM cPanel the Powerful Hosting Combination for Your Business Websites!


The combination of WHM and cPanel offers great control interfaces to manage the website better and efficiently. WHM or Web Host Manager, helps you perform functions such as manage your sites, create and monitor unlimited user accounts while cPanel enables you to take up backup of data easily, database management, and reporting functions required for effective analysis of the website’s performance.

WHM helps gain access to cPanel to perform various administrative tasks. It helps monitor websites with high priority and manage loads on websites. By offering back end control of cPanel, WHM enables the clients to view their bandwidth usage or place requests for upgrades, etc.

cPanel is a graphical user interface that enables you  to set up new user accounts, manage web and mail domains, access online files, etc.

As such, the powerful combination of WHM and cPanel enables both the web hosting service company and website administrator effectively and efficiently manage and run the websites. Some of the powerful features of WHM cPanel are:

WHM cPanel the Powerful Hosting Combination for Your Business Websites!•  Bandwidth Monitoring: The powerful combination of WHM and cPanel helps administrators of a server and the website effectively monitor the bandwidth usage. This helps the hosting company check the usage of bandwidth by each one of their clients. The website administrators can check and limit the usage of bandwidth. As the performance of a website depends largely on the bandwidth, monitoring the bandwidth usage helps administrators of the website make necessary changes to their hosting packages to meet the growing demands of their businesses.

•  Domain Management: WHM and cPanel as a powerful hosting tool helps you manage your domain names, accounts in the best possible way. You can get a list of all parked domain, sub-domains, and add-on domains. Such domains help you drive traffic or earn profits if you decide to sell these domains. Therefore, it is very important to keep a track of the domain names that you have registered.

•  Email Management: The WHM cPanel hosting makes it easy to configure and manage your email accounts.  The combination offers great support for managing the mail server both at the server level and at the client level, as well! Creating accounts, passwords, changing passwords, email forwards and aliases, email delivery and authentication, etc., are some of the great advantages of the combination.

•  Easy to Install & Configure: As graphical user interface tools, installing and configuring these applications is very easy. Administrators with little or no technical knowledge can easily install and configure the software on servers.  Most of the procedure requires dragging, selecting options such as OK, and so on.

•  Data Management: Data is vital in modern businesses, and maintaining integrity, privacy is crucial to the success of any business. It becomes important to take backups of data to make sure that there is no loss of data and that it is safe and secured. With the powerful control panel and hosting manager combination scheduling data backups happens automatically, reliving the administrators of the additional burden of taking backups. It also helps business with accurate data.

•  Security: Securing data against virus, malware, and such other issues is crucial for web administrators and hosting service providers. With a powerful hosting manager and a control panel it becomes easy to receive regular updates and fixes for virus or any other issue that may be exposed to such threats. Regular updates and protective measures keeps the data safe and secure helping businesses concentrate on their core competencies and not worry about losing data.

•  Brand management: This powerful combination helps businesses create highly functional websites with ease of use and of administration, while having great aesthetics, as well! The combination offers great ways to create and present your brand in an attractive way. Add colors, features, tools that look and function effectively to create the right impact on your target audiences.

•  A Reseller Solution: Small hosting resellers benefit greatly with this powerful combination. For entrepreneurs looking for cost effective solutions who host their sites on virtual private servers this powerful combination offers great features to take advantage of high performance at low costs.

Apart from these benefits the constant updates to both the applications brings in more features and therefore benefits. For example, the new version has some added features, which offers Centos OS7 support, the ability to synchronize calendar and contacts, Greylisting, etc. Overall, the new version has about 25 improvements, meaning that many features and advantages. The list of features and benefits of WHM cPanel is endless! Well, it is no wonder, that this combination is the most favored for hosting websites with maximum control. cPanel is the market leader in control panels.

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