VPS Optimized WHM for Memory Constraints


Virtual private servers are very similar in functionality to physical servers which are far more pricey and high maintenance when compared to the former. For small and medium sized businesses whose website needs are minimal in nature, cloud based virtual private server is a very cost-effective measure. Unlike physical dedicated servers, here the site owner need not worry about the maintenance of the server nor invest money on securing data and maintaining the uptime of these servers. VPS host many websites on a single server and the hosting company is responsible for all the maintenance and other performance related issues. In order to control any website, manage the accounts and optimize it to your preferences, you would need a web hosting control panel and a manager. cPanel and WHM software packages provide the necessary tools and interfaces to achieve this and these tools are available for both dedicated and virtual private servers. Since the servers are shared by many sites, RAM and memory constraints are pretty common in VPS. VPS optimized WHMs are made available to operate under these constraints and provide the exact features and functionality that a cPanel provides. Here is a list of benefits you can avail by using WHM VPS optimized.

VPS Optimized WHM for Memory Constraints• WHM VPS optimized are capable of reducing the memory usage by 12-15 megabytes. This in addition to the 60% memory usage reduction offered by the previous versions of WHM makes it very easy to manage a site despite the VPS constraints.

• A redesigned log processing daemon that reduces utilization of memory and a process monitoring daemon that includes service-specific verification are the additional features a VPS optimized WHM provides in comparison with a regular cPanel.

• Baseline memory usage numbers are reduced by a significant rate by employing VPS optimized. Tests have been made under stringent VPS circumstances to verify the functionality of these control panels that are optimized to perform under low memory and RAM.

• A third layer of performance enhancing feature is provided which is focused on DNS clustering with the syncing process and error detection.

• Deployment of WHM VPS optimized is easy and made available with cPanel and WHM version 11.24. Once 11.24 is installed or updated, the enhancing features as mentioned above are automatically applied and made available immediately.

If you are a small or mid-sized company whose website needs are minimal or seasonal, VPS is a great option to go for, thus saving a lot of expenses on server maintenance. And in order to take the full advantage of a VPS server which has memory and RAM constraints, install and activate a VPS optimized WHM.

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