Make an Optimized Use of Resources by Adding Multiple cPanel Addons


cPanel is a Linux based website hosting application. The 3-tier architecture, offers various capabilities for administrators and users to customize their requirements from the panel itself. They can control the accessibility of unauthorized user from the panel. cPanel have both command prompt and graphical user interface, depending upon the user’s requirements the functionalities can be accessed from any module. Third party vendors and developers can also browse through API. It is designed by keeping in mind both the dedicated and private servers.

Virtual Private Server is a service given by an internet hosting service in order to make the website live. VPS runs on its private operating system and every user that accesses this service have administrative capabilities and installation powers over that operating system. VPS hosting can easily configure due to its software-oriented capability and the best control panel for operating this service is cPanel.

Upgraded version of cPanel support CentOS, RHEL and cloudLinux as well.

cPanel addon is an additional benefit, but have all the same functionalities. It is the best way in which maximum utilization of resources is possible.  Separate database, separate domain, but the same cPanel account, add-on is the most convenient strategy that any businessman would prefer. User can set-up email configurations and add plug-in, the same way they used to do in the initial domain plan. The integral part is its independence, one domain has no relation with another.

indexMake an Optimized Use of Resources by Adding Multiple cPanel AddonsCreating and Removing cPanel Addons

cPanel addons may look likes an entirely separate module but it is a part of your main domain and have all the required functionality to host a website. Any incoming traffic will have no idea about its being an addon as all the features are exactly same. It is essential to buy the primary cPanel domain with large bandwidth in order to keep increasing addons to it whenever required in future.

•  Once you are logged in to your cPanel account, look for “ADD A DOMAIN” in domains section

•  Specific details are required while creating an addon, like

• Sub-domain name: Enter the name you want to give to your addon

• Set a domain name-server, it is an essential part which enable your website to go live

• FTP configurations are automatically selected once you select a sub-domain name

• This folder will be created in public_html folder. cPanel is smartly designed and it will detect if the addon name is already exists or not

• Set a unique password for your sub-domain account

•  Removing the cPanel addon is as simple as its creation, simply select “remove” after selecting domain name from “add a domain “ section.

Advantages of cPanel addon

Every business demands online presence that can only be possible by making a website. Long gone those days when website creation and its maintenance was like digging a coal mine. Now days anyone can establish its online presence with the help of the many ready-to-go-live website making tools. All you need to do is buy a decent website hosting package and create multiple addons in on primary domain you buy.

Creating an add-on is more easy as compared to setting up the entire cPanel application for the first. When in same price you can share resources and create multiple websites sharing the same database and bandwidth than what can be more wonderful.

•  It is an open source application, hence it is easy to modify and customize the domain as per the website requirements.

•  Its portability is its best feature as you can shift the entire account to any website hosting plan anytime.

•  The user-friendly feature allows and encourages you to use this application only. The open source cPanel add-on can be setup within 15-20mins without any major change required. No technical knowledge is required to configure an add-on, its step-wise demonstration is quite simple and informative.

•  Web site management can never be this easy, cPanel offers code backup, email management facility and adding/removing websites anytime.

•  The major advantage of having add-ons is to enhance the operational efficiency of the website. The update feature of cPanel ( is perfectly planned, its weekly update makes your add-on domain up to date. Make sure your initial plan in the account has enough memory space to hold every add-on you will add and you are good to go.

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