Essential Tips to Purchase cPanel License


Website and server management is a tedious but essential task that  has to be carried out with perfection and persistence. A lot of tools, applications, resources and developers  are employed for the management of websites and servers, including cPanel licenses, which is the main topic of discussion in this article. These licenses play a pretty important role in website and server management . A lot of factors have to be considered before buying these licenses, and here’s every essential tip you need to purchase a cPanel license.

Essential Tips to Purchase cPanel LicensecPanel and cPanel Addons

Before we understand what cPanel licenses are and learn how to purchase them, we need to be familiar with the structure and objectives of cPanel. cPanel is the world’s most popularly used website control panel which can be accessed using a web host manager (WHM). This website control panel  provides a wide variety of tools, applications and graphical interfaces to ease the task of website management, automate it and execute it with excellence. It is said that every 6 seconds a website domain is created using a cPanel, and every 14 seconds a cPanel hosting account is created online.

This control panel  has many domains within and the most popular amongst  them is the addon domain. cPanel hosts a number of applications or addon packages which have very specific tasks when it comes to website management. These addon packages, popularly known as cPanel addons, are installed within the addon domain mentioned earlier. Few of the most popular of these addons are site builders, auto installers, server monitors, helpdesk systems, SEO and marketing tools etc. Based on requirements and budget, these cPanel addon packages are installed and uninstalled on the cPanel by developers and site owners.

cPanel Licenses

Before listing out the tips to purchase this license, let’s understand the role of these licenses in website management. The above mentioned cPanel and its addons are certainly very important when it comes to website and server management. But these software packages, in order to be installed, have to be authenticated or licensed. They need to be activated for a pre-defined amount of time and installed on the server to carry out their respective tasks. This is where cPanel licenses come into picture. These licenses are used to activate, authenticate, license and install cPanel and its add-on packages.

How to Purchase cPanel License

A lot of technical, financial and managerial factors have to be considered when you want to purchase this license. Follow the below mentioned tips to cover all of these factors, and benefit from the flexibility and freedom cPanel licenses have to offer.

1. cPanels are designed and developed to be specific about the type of the server they function on and so do cPanel licenses. Hence, you cannot use a dedicated cPanel license to activate addon packages installed on a VPS. Hence, before purchasing this license, ensure you are buying the one compatible with your server type.

2.  Like server type, these licenses are also specific about the type of IP addresses used in the website and the type of OS installed on the server. For static and dynamic IP addresses, and OS like Windows, Linux etc. there are specific cPanel licenses for each of these elements. So when you purchase these licenses, make sure to check their compatibility.

3. These licenses are made available by both cPanel and authorized cPanel license vendors. The difference is that these private vendors offer the licenses at cheaper rates and this attracts a lot of small businessmen who have limited requirements and budget. So before you purchase this license, it is wise that you assess your budget and then decide on the amount to be spent.

4. In addition to cheaper cPanel license, vendors also offer these licenses for flexible periods of time. Validity periods range from one week to one year based on the requirement and this goes contrary to the rigid validity periods offered by cPanel. Hence, if your requirements are limited and seasonal, make sure you purchase cPanel license from these private vendors for affordable rates.

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