Dedicated cPanel license Makes it Easy to Manage Your Server Management and Web Hosting


If you run high traffic websites or you have high worth clients who need more privacy with high functionality, subscribing to cPanel dedicated license is the best solution. The powerful combination of cPanel and dedicated server offers maximum control over your resources and keeps you protected from any disturbance by external users that shared servers face.

With cPanel dedicated server manage multiple high traffic websites easily and efficiently handle all the customer accounts with highest security levels, easily transfer account to another server, and with dedicated server offering more space your web hosting services will catch speed.

Your cPanel license depends on the type of server you are using for your hosting requirements. For a start-up small business with low to moderate traffic you may chose a VPS server on the other hand an organization with heavy traffic websites and with scope of growth you may chose a dedicated server, in which case you need a dedicated cPanel license.

Dedicated cPanel license Makes it Easy to Manage Your Server Management and Web HostingHosting solutions provider will activate the dedicated cPanel license on the on the base IP of the server, a dedicated server requires one full license, which covers all the accounts, without any maximum limit of the number of accounts, on that particular server.

As an administrator of high traffic websites, you may have chosen a dedicated server, and cPanel as your control panel for efficient management of your server resources, and then you need to subscribe for a dedicated cPanel license. Apart from freedom from inferences of other users, as in the case of a VPS server, dedicated server offers room for growth and the ability to meet the high traffic needs at any time of the day or of the business season. Some of the advantages of a dedicated cPanel license are:

•  Security: Dedicated cPanel hosting offers maximum security for your data. The powerful combination of dedicated server and cPanel comes with all the required software and hardware that guarantees fine layers of security for your hosting needs. They offer perfect code, all utilities, security policies, etc., along with many new and robust enhancement to keep your hosting security in perfect condition.

•  Ease of Use: Both cPanel and dedicated server offers ease of use, right from installation to managing the daily activities the combination is quite simple and easy that any member of the staff with little or no technical knowledge can manage this combination. cPanel comes with many features that help working with it simple and easy features such as auto-installer, back-up manager, web-based file manager, database wizard makes the job of server or website management very easy.

•  Manage Web Traffic: The powerful combination of Dedicated server and cPanel offers great way to manage high traffic websites at any time, even during the peak times of the day or of the season. In Addition, with cPanel, the industry’s leading control panel it becomes easy to track, monitor and analyze the behavior of the traffic. cPanel’s advanced tools help you analyze the traffic behavior such as their geographical location, how long they stay on your website, which page, etc. Such information helps webmasters create relevant data content and present the highest viewed data for website’s better performance.

•  Multiple Domains: The freedom of space that comes with a dedicated server gives you the luxury to set up multiple domains, add-on domains, sub-domains and more, so you can redirect the traffic to the right website. The powerful tools such as zone editors, etc. help you identify your website, so you can redirect them to the traffic.

•  Email Accounts: Managing your email accounts is made easy with the combination of Dedicated server and cPanel. Create auto responders, forwarders, mail spam filters to avoid junk mail. You get many tools that effectively filter spam mail, tools such as Apachee spamAssassin, BoxTrapper, Email Authentication, additionally; you also have mailing lists to send your message to wider audience.

Without any doubt, dedicated cPanel license offers great benefits to the server management of your webhosting business. Make sure you get the dedicate cPanel license from a trusted and reliable provider so you do not face any interruptions in your business.

When subscribing to a dedicated cPanel license research the market well for a quality service provider, who offers the best price, preferably a cheap license provider will help you reduce the costs significantly. However, the cheap license should not be at the cost of the quality of the service, so make sure you get maximum support for the license related technical issues such as installation, activation, etc.

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