How is cPanel Licensing Done and the Advantages of Getting the License


cPanel has been considered as an easy, user compliant system of web hosting control. cPanel allows users to manage every single aspect of web hosting and the complete server at large. It also allows account owners to monitor and manage their websites securely, manage email accounts, sub domains, ftp, manage add-on and parked domains, view traffic and website statistics, manage files, generate backups etc. easily and effectively. With this platform it is easy to perform software updates, install modules, configure backups, and edit DNS records and a lot more.

How is licensing done

There are different types of cPanel licenses and their usage depends on the type of server that has been used. All the cPanel licenses are offered with Web Host Manager Services based on the IP and client interfaces on every account that has been set up in the server. All licenses are activated by the service provider based on the server’s IP address and thus no license key is required to be used by the client. Businesses are free to set up any number of accounts with one cPanel that covers all the unlimited domains set up on the dedicated server.

Most cPanel licenses works on servers offered with virtualization software and individual licenses are required for every virtual assistance that is been set up on the server. Both the WHM cPanel dedicated license and cPanel VPS license are the same in terms of options and functionality. As long as the server has a cPanel license, it would cover unlimited virtual accounts from that IP set up on the server, but one license does not cover two servers and one server cannot hold both VPS and dedicated licenses.

How is cPanel Licensing Done and the Advantages of Getting the LicenseAdvantages of cPanel Licenses:

1.  Helps in real time management of servers: Client interface offered with licensing helps clients to take complete control over the server. It is possible to add or remove or change the license IP through the client interface.

2.  Affordable price: Most licenses are offered with a reasonable cost and there are some service providers ready to match the price of the current license provider with an extremely satisfying service.

3.  Powerful API: API has been built by the licensing company to be as straight forward as possible allowing businesses to integrate their licensing into their infrastructure easily.

4.  License renewal: It is important to renew license frequently and to avoid overlapping in bill. Most licensing companies would match the renewal date of the previous license provider.

5.  Support: Experts at license companies have the best experience in managing WHM and cPanel sets and have learned this software in and out. They are easily reachable any time and are able to handle any issues that come in their way pretty easily.

6.  Data back up: With cPanel License, users would never have to worry about losing information as all data gets automatically backed up. Users would also feel that transferring information between servers is easy and seamless right from the start.

7.  Add-ons: The best part of cPanel license is their add-ons offered with license which includes Lite Speed, Softaculous, KernelCare, Cloud Linux, Fantastico Installation, and RV site Builders etc. and a lot more.

Licensing protocol:

Web hosting industry is competitive and to help clients succeed. cPanel and WHM offer all the tools and services to its hosting providers so that they are able to beat their competition. cPanel License offers customers a range of features that allows them to control every aspect of their website virtually and offers them the ability to manage all hosting account on their server. Your licensing company offers instant activation, free spam scan license, free resource monitoring license, free installation services and free support from the company as well.

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