How to Buy cPanel License


You can buy cPanel license directly from cPanel with an annual fee or from an authorized distributor paying a monthly fee. The prices of cPanel licenses depends on the type of sever you chose, whether a dedicated server or a shared one. A license whether bought directly from cPanel or from an authorized distributor comes along with excellent technical support to help you install and manage your server.

As the industry’s leading control, cPanel also offers a 15-day trial period for IPs that did not try the free period previously.  Before you decide to buy cPanel license How to Buy cPanel Licensemake sure your server has the right configuration, and can work effectively and efficiently with cpanel. The server requirements for cPanel are a minimum of 20GB hard disk, a 266MHz processor, with a 512 MB ram.

Apart from these basic requirements cPanel works fine with software such as Microsoft Server 2008 Hyper-v; Linux – V server; Virtual Box OXE and Oracle VM Virtual box; VM Ware server; VMWare ESX server; Xen; Xen enterprise, Xen server; XEN express, and so on. You can always check with cPanel or the licensed distributor to know if your software is compatible with cpanel. Without the right configuration or compatible software, your server may not function efficiently.

As the most user-friendly control panel cPanel offer many tools, to help you take control of your server and manage it without much difficulty. It helps webmasters perform essential tasks in a very easy manner. With a graphical user interface, cPanel helps manage essential tasks of a webmaster easy; it offers many tools that help automate many routine functions of a webmaster. Using a 3 – tier structure cPanel enables the web masters, distributors, or re-sellers, and the administrators take complete control of various aspects of web site, servers using a standard web browser.

Buy cPanel license:

With most distributors when you buy a cPanel license, the order processing system of the vendor or distributor connects directly with the server to activate your cPanel license instantly. You also get help in installation of the required software, add-on plugin, and any such other required tools, applications, etc.  They also offer 24/7 technical support, should you face any technical issue managing your server or website their technical support staff will always help you.  Most distributors also offer free trial period, if for any new reasons you are not happy with the services offered, you can always check with them for a refund. As they deal in bulk licenses, they can offer you cPanel license at a discounted price, as well!

Buy cPanel license and get unlimited limited for a server, domain owner interface with complete features, a 3-tier structure with full control to administrators, resellers and webmasters. All these features help manage your server, or web hosting tasks easy and simple.

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