Benefits of VPS Hosting and VPS Optimized cPanel


A lot of factors are considered while hosting a website such as budget, traffic surge, uptime, reliability, availability of resources etc. Small businesses look for economic and effective ways of hosting websites as their budgets are limited and yet requirements are quite high. In situations as such, virtual private servers (VPS) is the best hosting option available, as they are comparatively cheap yet reliable. This article gives a brief description about the different types of hosting available; why VPS hosting stands out amongst them; and what are the advantages of using a VPS optimized cPanel to manage the website operations.

Different Types of Web Hosting

Websites are hosted on storage spaces called servers and these servers can either be physical or virtual. To be more detailed, physical servers are also known as dedicated servers and these are placed in a server room, and maintained and operated by the website owners themselves. Only one site is hosted on a dedicated server, and all of its resources including memory, RAM, bandwidth and power are dedicated to a single website. Hence, dedicated servers are known to be more reliable and more expensive as high maintenance costs are involved.

On the other hand, virtual servers are those partitions within a physical server on which many sites are hosted. The resources of a server are split with the sites hosted and supplied based on the requirements of each site. Popularly known as shared server hosting, this type can invite a lot of operational issues and downtime as the resources are unequally distributed. In spite of these potential risks, small business owners prefer shared server hosting over dedicated servers as they are cheap and low maintenance.

Why VPS Hosting Stands Out

Now that we know the major differences between dedicated and shared web hosting, let’s understand why virtual private servers are better than the other two. Though VPS shares the distribution model of shared servers, it is ensured that each partition is independent of the other i.e. though the resources are shared, they are done so equally and each website is independent of the operational issues of the other sites. In VPS hosting website owners have more freedom and private space to dictate their own rules and expand their resources with the impending requirements. Hence, VPS hosting is both a cheap and reliable option when it comes to web hosting and no wonder it is the hot favorite of both small and big businesses alike.

VPS Optimized cPanel – Overview

Before learning more about VPS optimized cPanel, let’s briefly understand what is a cPanel and what are its functions. cPanel is the world’s most used website control panel and it offers a wide array of applications, tools and graphical interfaces to manage and update a website. cPanel is like a backdoor for the developers to gain access to the website and fix things when required.

cPanel is very specific about the type of server used to host the website and they are accordingly designed and developed. Two of the most popular type of cPanels are dedicated cPanel and VPS optimized cPanel. Dedicated cPanels are used in the case of dedicated web hosting and VPS optimized cPanels are used in the case of VPS hosting. It should be noted that cPanels are very specific about the server type i.e. you cannot run a VPS optimized cPanel on a dedicated server (

Advantages of Using VPS Optimized cPanel

There are many advantages of using a VPS optimized cPanel, few of which are mentioned below.

• With VPS optimized cPanel it is easy to keep a VPS well maintained for smooth operations. It provides a wide array of tools to monitor the status of the server and upgrade it for impending requirements.

• With this control panel it is easy to distribute the resources such as bandwidth between many sites and ensure that each site is sufficiently supplied with enough resources to carry out its operations without any hassles.

• VPS optimized cPanels come with a redesigned log processing daemon and a process monitoring daemon which help in better utilization of memory and RAM respectively.

• Lastly, it is easier to install, setup and activate VPS optimized cPanels to manage the operations of a website hosted on a virtual private server.

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