Benefits of a cheap cPanel License


The need for a cPanel license depends on your requirements, and you need to buy it from a trusted web hosting company. Control panel helps monitor and control your website you can view stats such as the traffic that visits your website, manage FTPs, Email accounts, manage sub domains, add on domains, manage files, backups and a host of other functions; cPanel is a feature rich control panel that helps you in almost everything that you need to run your web server. Above all, the graphical user interface (GUI) makes it easy for anyone and everyone to install and manage the tool.

Well, this powerful administrative control panel needs a license, so you can use it. You need to make sure that you buy the license from a trusted web hosting company. In addition, your IP needs authorization to access cPanel, along with cPanel license you also get a web host manager. The popularity of the tool has attracted many web hosting service providers to offer cPanel licenses. Typically, you can get a cPanel license for either a dedicated server or Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Benefits of a cheap cPanel License

Dedicated servers as the name suggests needs a complete cPanel license dedicated solely for use on that server. However, this license has its own advantages such as the ability to support unlimited accounts using just this one license, but this license will cost you more. If you are looking for cheap cPanel license, then a VPS license is your option. A VPS supports virtualization software such as VMware or Open VZ, whereas a dedicated server which does not support any virtualization. The advantage of virtualization is that as a web-hosting service provider you can divide the server into many units and offer each unit to a client, or share one big server with many clients. Each of these units again requires a cPanel for administrative purposes, which web hosting service providers obtain as they sell each unit of the virtual server.

A VPS license undoubtedly is the cheapest and cost effective way to get cPanel license for your web server maintenance purposes. In spite of low cost, the features of a VPS cPanel license are the same as a fully dedicated server cPanel license. The features of control panel or a VPS cPanel server, they provide exactly the same utility as the license for a dedicated server offers. The important question is how to choose a reliable hosting service provider that offers quality yet cheap cPanel license. Always look for low packages from a reliable and trustworthy hosting service provider than going for an unknown company that promises a lot at for abysmally low prices. Check out a few companies in the market and go for a company that offers quality services at reasonable rates!

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